Nick Sommers -
 Studio: 941.870.8700
 Mobile: 941-549-4204

As a young boy, Nick Sommers started his radio career at age 12 in the bedroom of his childhood home with a small FM Transmitter built from a RadioShack wireless FM microphone, together with a few turntables, a microphone, and of course his Beatles, Stone's and Who records. To the dismay of many the neighbors, Nick would play his radio station for friends and neighbors on nights and weekends.

In 1974, Nick Sommers landed his first "real" radio job in Ocala, Fl and never looked back!

Nick's career continued for the next 15 years all across North America, including Miami, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, and Denver; not to mention the nations first satellite radio, The Transtar radio network later becoming Westwood One.

In spring of 1988, Nick joined Tourdesign in Indianapolis and for the next 7 and a half years became one of the most recognized Concert and Live Event Voice's in North America, whenever you heard Nick's voice, no matter where you were, you knew it was to promote one of the biggest names in entertainment!

In the fall of 1994, Nick Sommers Productions Inc. was launched in basement of his Fishers, Indiana home with a simple business model.... "Give Promoters and Client's a Great Product at a Great Price!"

Today, Nick Sommers Productions is located in Venice on Florida's west coast and growing by demand. Nobody fills more seats in the “live event industry” than Nick Sommers Productions!

Manuel Mares - Producer | Spanish Voice Talent


Manuel Mares was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

In 1993 Manuel began to study broadcasting in his hometown with a couple of Turntables in his home to practice in his spare time, 6 years later Manuel moved to Indianapolis, Indiana to work as a Radio DJ, A few years later he moved into the stations production dept. where there he found his true talent!

Today Manuel heads up NSP’s Hispanic advertising department and serves as Voice talent, copy writer and NSP Hispanic Broadcast specialist. Our Hispanic services are able to adapt to all Hispanic dialects from Miami and NYC to Chicago and Southern California or anywhere else you need to connect with the audience and speak their language.